Panic on external HD disconnection

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Fri Jun 9 07:40:19 UTC 2017

On 06/08/17 20:47, Polytropon wrote:

> So the disk was mounted at that specific point in time?

Yes, as I said I was taking a backup, so that disk was mounted and was 
being written to.

> Partially understandable. The system will somehow react
> to a mass media device surprisingly removed when it is
> writing to it...

Yes, *partially* understandable.
I just like to know to what extent that "partially" goes.
If I am to expect a full panic, it's ok.
If, somehow, I could get a partial failure, then something is wrong in 
my setup and I'll have to investigate.

> In case of accidental UFS disconnect, reconnect the drive,
> do _not_ attempt to mount it right away, but instead perform
> a full fsck ("fsck -yf /dev/da0", for example) of the file
> system on that disk. In best case, fsck will repair any
> damages that did appear, and then return the file system into
> a consistent state, ready for mounting.

That's what I did after the system came up again.

  bye & Thanks

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