various questions about booting and recovery

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Sun Jun 4 23:03:53 UTC 2017

On 04/06/2017 22:33, Polytropon wrote:
>> Finally, can I have it boot to an environment once and if it reboots
>> swap back to the old one?

> Yes, that's the exact purpose of ZFS+BEs in a nutshell. ;-)

I think the OP meant can he have the system boot to a different B.E.
automatically if booting to the active B.E. fails?  Well, unfortunately
no -- there isn't an automatic fallback to a different B.E. like that.

However, so long as you're on 10.3 or above you can select which boot
environment to boot into from the boot menu.  So if booting fails, just
hit the reset button and choose a different boot environment to try again.



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