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Sun Jun 4 19:55:31 UTC 2017

On Sun, 4 Jun 2017 18:20:28 +0100, rr rrt wrote:
> I want to install a program with extention tgz with pkg_add on freebsd 10.3
> It does not work, I have a pkg_add not found error,

The original pkg_ tools (pkg_add, pkg_delete, etc.) are not
part of the OS anymore since version 9 when the whole ports
subsystem got a _big_ upgrade and the initial tools became

Sidenote: The extension tgz indicates an archive file, not a
program. ;-)

> I also try with pkg add, it does not work too

That is correct - the new pkg tool is not compatible anymore
with the intitial binary package format.

> Help me on this subject.

If the only program package you have is this txz archive, you
could manually extract it and then manually put the parts into
place, checking for required dependencies as you try to run
the program. But that's not a clean approach and will surely
cause other problems later on.

However, this idea implies that the tgz archive in question
is a FreeBSD binary software package (intended for installation).
In case it's a _source_ archive, you need to extract it, and
then follow the steps in its documentation (usually README or
INSTALL); you often do things like "./configure && make install"
to deal with this kind of software, but keep in mind that this
approach interferes with what pkg is intended for.

Check if there is an entry in the ports collection for the
program you're intending to install. In best case, you'll be
able to remotely install a binary package ("pkg install <name>"),
and in worst case, you have to compile it yourself using the
ports collection.

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