Excluding File Systems from 100.chksetuid and 110.neggrpperm

Tim Gustafson tjg at ucsc.edu
Fri Jun 2 16:31:56 UTC 2017


We have several FreeBSD 10.x and 11.x servers that host about 150TB of
ZFS file systems each.

Each day, the 100.chksetuid and 110.neggrpperm run against our entire
data set, which has hundreds of millions of files in it, and winds up
slowing everything down and using up all our resources.

Looking at those scripts, they don't seem to take any parameters, and
I can't configure them to exclude certain folders that really just
don't need to be scanned.  I did find this post which suggested a
patch for FreeBSD 9.x, but it does not appear to have even been


Is there any hope of getting these options added?


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