Help needed to fix rc error in Joe editor

Manish Jain bourne.identity at
Mon Jul 24 03:28:54 UTC 2017


I am trying to bind a key to aspell in Joe text editor, of which I am a 
new user. Online documentation suggests that 'aspellfile .k1' in joerc 
would bind aspell to the F1 key.

So I created my own ~/.joerc with the following contents :

:include /usr/local/etc/joe/joerc

aspellfile .k1

But with this, I get the following error from joe whenever I try to open 
a file :

/home/bourne/.joerc 3: No context selected for macro to key-sequence binding
Finished processing /home/bourne/.joerc
There were errors in '/home/bourne/.joerc'.  Falling back on default.

a) What could be the problem here ?
b) In vim, I can execute a macro named a with the command @a. In joe, 
how do I execute a macro named mymacro (defined in ~/.joerc) ?

Thanks for any help.
Manish Jain

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