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> I'am looking for, how to make img file for USB FreeBSD installer? Like
> FreeBSD-10.3-RELEASE-i386-memstick.img from
> for example. My
> goal is I wanna make FreeBSD img installer file from my FreeBSD server
> (already configure & all data) is't possible? So if my HDD broken, just
> installing from that's img file to new HDD.

All of the tooling used to create FreeBSD releases is held somewhere in
the directory tree below:

This script does the 'checking out sources and building the system' part:

and converting that into a memstick image is handled by the top-level

which calls the script for each of the different
supported architectures.

However, if what you really want to do is just clone your existing
harddrive onto a new one, creating a custom installer is a lot more work
than you really need to do.

Basically if you can mount both old and new disks in your machine at
once, then you can simply copy the content of your old drive onto your
new one.  Methods of copying the content of drives wholesale has been a
popular topic on this list in the past, but I'd start by trying rsync(8).



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