Best printer makes (manufacturers) for FreeBSD

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Sun Jul 16 05:25:07 UTC 2017

from Valeri Galtsev:

> Recent discussion about replacing old printer prompted me to start this
> thread. Basically, which makes (or manufacturers) do you use on your
> FreeBSD boxes? What would you recommend to watch for and avoid when
> choosing the printer. (I personally would prefer one manufacturer not even
> mentioned: Xerox. They went bad several years ago, and are banned wherever
> I have a voice to affect the choice... So if you tell good story about
> Xerox I definitely will reply with my bad one - enough for having my
> attitude).
> In one of recent threads two manufacturers were mentioned: Brother and HP
> (Hewlett Packard). What prompted me to start this is suggestions that for
> some model of Brother printer you need to install Linux support and use
> Linux diver.

>From what I see advertised, I would favor Xerox.  They even advertise compatinility with several (quasi-)Unix OSes.

My experience with HP LaserJet Pro M1212nf MFP and their offshore technical support was such as to make me not want to ever again buy anything from HP.

That printer required a proprietary binary plugin for full functionality, which wouldn't download when setting up the printer.

HPLIP might suggest that HP printers require some special software, as opposed to standard interface, and the special software might work if the user is lucky.

I looked on HP website, and they didn't even have Windows software support any more, since the printer was no longer supported.

I have got some things to print successfully, but some other files messed up.


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