FreeBSD Equivalent To Adobe Acrobat

Polytropon freebsd at
Tue Jul 11 22:46:09 UTC 2017

On Thu, 6 Jul 2017 12:57:02 +0930, Shane Ambler wrote:
> On 04/07/2017 10:02, B J wrote:
> > I tried several and those you mentioned might have been among them.
> > None of them appeared to fill in blanks, assuming, of course, I did
> > things right in the first place.  For each one, I would get a message,
> > embedded in the file I was looking at, which said something about me
> > having to use Acrobat.
> Could depend on the specific pdf file, pdfs can have some adobe only 
> features such as XFA and javascript, as these aren't part of the 
> official spec I expect they aren't supported in free software.

At least XFA seems to be supported by Okular, but normal forms
(text input fields) are supported by Evince and Okular; gv and
xpdf do not support them, but usually can read and print the
forms (with blank fields of course).

So the "Acrobat Reader" or whatever it is called this year is
not really needed anymore, except you get really non-standard
PDF files that require special proprietary commercial software.
I haven't tried to get the "Windows" version of the mentioned
reader running with wine, maybe that is possible for such kinds
of "worst case PDF file"... ;-)

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