Fwd: Re: Unusual Question

Mike Jeays mj001 at rogers.com
Mon Jul 10 19:18:26 UTC 2017

On 17-07-10 01:38 PM, Polytropon wrote:

> On Mon, 10 Jul 2017 17:36:19 +0200, Matthias Apitz wrote:
>> The OP should just compile an own version of dd(1) which punches lets say
>> every thousand blocks the current block number to see how far (or better
>> how less) it will walk through before the kernel halts/crashes.
> To extend this idea:
> I'd add a few continuous diagnostic messages (comparable to
> the ^T status display), so when the SSH connection finally
> drops, it's possible to see how far the dd process went. :-)

dd can be made to report its status by sending the kill command USR1.

See man dd. You could send one every minute via cron.


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