Interpreting NTP status

RW rwmaillists at
Sun Jul 9 18:11:11 UTC 2017

On Sun, 9 Jul 2017 14:39:44 +0000
Carmel NY wrote:

> A while back, I was receiving an error message about an outdated “leap
> second” file. I Googled around and found an article that said to put
> the following in the “rc.conf” file to correct the problem

I wouldn't bother. IIRC it's a cosmetic bug, the working leapfile may
not get overwritten  by a downloaded version if only the expiry date is
changed, so you may get a few bogus warnings until you update your
base system.

Most of us don't even need the file, the information is supposed to
come from an upstream time server, and even if that fails the worst
case is that your clock jumps by a second every few years. 

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