Interpreting NTP status

Carmel NY carmel_ny at
Sun Jul 9 14:39:47 UTC 2017

A while back, I was receiving an error message about an outdated “leap
second” file. I Googled around and found an article that said to put
the following in the “rc.conf” file to correct the problem:


Then, I found another article that said to put this in the
“/etc/periodic.conf” file get information on the NTPD program:

# 480.leapfile-ntpd
daily_ntpd_leapfile_enable="YES"        # Fetch NTP leapfile
daily_ntpd_avoid_congestion="YES"       # Avoid congesting leapfile sources

# 480.status-ntpd
daily_status_ntpd_enable="YES"          # Check NTP status

Now, in the “daily run output” email, I find this:

NTP status:
     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
+    3 u  760 1024  377   87.913    5.793  18.418
*    2 u  264 1024  377   45.449   -2.235   2.925
 2607:fa18::2407 .STEP.          16 u    - 1024    0    0.000    0.000   0.000

I am hoping someone can tell me exactly what this means. I cannot find
any documentation on how to interpret this.


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