Trunking vlans via one NIC to managed switch

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Fri Jul 7 21:24:00 UTC 2017

Hello, please CC me, I'm not a subscriber.

I have a self-made router running 12-CURRENT (PCengines APU 2C4), with three NICs (igb0 -
igb2). igb0 is attached to a modem via tun0 (cloned from igb0).

The switch, a SoHo Netgear GS110TP, has three vlans, 2 (VoIP), 10 (my internal net) and
100 (a free net/guest net). 

Somehow I struggle with proper routing. On the router, I have three vlans, 2, 10 and 100
with the appropriate igb1.2, igb1.10, igb1.100.

At the moment, the igb1 interface has net (my future vlan10).

Before bothering you with details of my oddysee, I'd like to know whether it would be
possible to trunk several vlans via one dedicated NIC and perform additionaly vlan

My routing on the router looks like this:

root at gate:~ # netstat -Warn
Routing tables

Destination        Gateway            Flags       Use    Mtu      Netif Expire
default      US          513   1492       tun0    link#12            UHS           0   1492       tun0    link#12            UHS           0  16384        lo0          link#5             UH          111  16384        lo0     link#7             U             0   1500     igb1.2        link#7             UHS           0  16384        lo0     link#9             U             0   1500    igb1.10        link#9             UHS           0  16384        lo0    link#10            U             0   1500    igb1.66       link#10            UHS           0  16384        lo0   link#11            U             0   1500   igb1.100      link#11            UHS           0  16384        lo0

Gatewaying is enabled.

Before starting discussing the oddness of configuration of the Netgear GS110TP, I'd like
to ensure that on FreeBSD's side is everything all right (I doubt my config, so I need
some help and deeper insights into routing with FreeBSD).

Thanks in advance,


p.s. please CC ...
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