FreeBSD did it again (still)

Baho Utot baho-utot at
Thu Jul 6 21:48:05 UTC 2017

On 07/06/17 16:57, Stephen Black wrote:
> I'm not familiar with the "synth" program that you're using, but it
> appears you are using it to build a local repository, so I guess I
> would start there. It looks like a newer project, there is a GIT page
> started in January 2016. As I had said, wasn't trying to be an ass,
> was just giving my opinion on trying to upgrade source packages on
> that big of a leap between versions of FreeBSD. Yes, the base system
> should upgrade without issue, but to expect the same from all ports, I
> think is asking a lot. I know how to build software as well, and also
> have built and used linux from scratch. But that doesn't really mean
> anything other than we can both follow written instructions. If I were
> to attempt something like this, I would completely wipe out everything
> under /usr/local (of course you may want to back up /usr/local/etc)
> and reinstall all packages. That way you are ensured there are no old
> libraries laying around being linked to accidentally.

Synth is one of the best tools for building ports for FreeBSD.
It started on DragonflyBSD and "ported" over to FreeBSD.  After John 
Marino had dust up with the FreeBSD folks the FreeBSD folks kicked him 
out as a maintainer.  I still think that BS and a bad move by FreeBSD 
folks.  IMO he was trying to bring some sanity to FreeBSD build process, 
something like Arch linux does.  Which is/was a good thing.

By removing the package repos and rebuild all the ports I use with synth 
which will create a repository for the ports then doing a
pkg upgrade;pkg upgrade;pkg autoremove
should get it done.  If there is something left over then the port that 
left old files is incorrect.

Synth builds in a clean chroot so it will not link to any old libs.  It 
is impossible, because the old libs do not exist in the chroot that the 
port was built in.  That is the way ports should be built.

If FreeBSD ever gets it's act together with base packages, then one 
could use synth to build base in a clean chroot as well.  Again that is 
how it should be done.  I am not holding my breath, IMO base ports will 
not get finished and be correct in my life time.  There is too much to 
be done and it is going in the wrong direction.  Plus IMO the folks 
running FreeBSD don't listen to others/users too good.

I tried base ports and it was a giant cluster I had to use sqlite3 to 
clean up the pkg database. I forget how many base packages there are, I 
don't remember but it almost had a package for each shared library. That 
is nuts.  Base should be packaged not unlike LFS, then it would be easy 
to add remove things to base.  Want to use your own binutils then remove 
the stock one and replace them with your custom one.  Want to use Openrc 
remove the init package and replace with openrc.

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