Requirement for the distribution of FreeBSD License

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Subject: Requirement for the distribution of FreeBSD License


Dear The Authors, Organization or Whom it may concern,


As we have planned to issue your license for our product and trying to find
the preferable solution for distribution. So, could you please help to
confirm which solution below are preferable.


1. Due to we already displayed your copyright on our product's display, Is
there any problem if we will issue only the guideline sentence in the
Instruction Manual such as " Please reference the copyright information as
displayed on product" ?


2.Or you prefer to upload your copyright information on our company's

If this way, we have two choices:

 - Upload License URL link and anyone can download if required.?

 - Upload full copyright information sentence and show all information when
visit our site.?


Thank you in advance for your support.



Best Regards,



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