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Matthias Apitz guru at
Mon Jul 3 10:12:10 UTC 2017


I'm keen to use for firefox in FreeBSD CURRENT the following tools:


For [1] we have in our ports sysutils/password-store which works fine
and as well with my GnuPG crypto stick. Having [2] would allow to use
the passwordstore from [1] in Firefox and unlock this storage by just
entering a 6 digit PIN of the GnuPG crypto stick.

For [2] I do not see anything in our ports and I can not make it from
the sources:

$ cd browserpass-1.0.6
$ gmake browserpass
go build -o browserpass ./cmd/browserpass
cmd/browserpass/main.go:8:2: cannot find package
"" in any of:
	/usr/local/go/src/ (from $GOROOT)
	/home/guru/go/src/ (from $GOPATH)
cmd/browserpass/main.go:9:2: cannot find package
"" in any of:
	/usr/local/go/src/ (from $GOROOT)
	/home/guru/go/src/ (from $GOPATH)
gmake: *** [makefile:27: browserpass] Error 1

I do not even know, if this the correct way to build it. The
in the source tree is not very helpfull for FreeBSD.

Any hints?


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