Dell PowerEdge r210 II

Chris Hill chris at
Sat Jan 28 02:41:11 UTC 2017

On Fri, 27 Jan 2017, Matthias Apitz wrote:

> The company I'm working for, decided to put some older rack mount 
> servers into dust bin and I'm saving a Dell PowerEdge r210 II with 16 
> GByte RAM and 8 CPU of 3.3 GHz as my new poudiere oven. The server has 
> no disks (because they must be destroyed). I booted FreeBSD CURRENT 
> amd64 from an USB key and have below the dmsg(1) and ifconfig(8) 
> output, attached below.
> Any comments about this "project" and any ideas about the disks to buy?
> Thx

That looks like a pretty kick-ass machine. I hope you'll have it in a 
server room, or some place away from the general public; seems like it 
would be as noisy as a hovercraft.

I've been running FreeBSD on Dells for many years, and I've been happy 
with them. It seems to be quality hardware, and easy to work on. I've 
had no issues with FreeBSD -vs- the machine. For disks, I like the 
Western Digital ones that are labeled as "NAS" - I forget what color 
that is. Second choice would be the "surveillance" ones. I have the 
impression that both of these are (relatively) high reliability, and 
designed for 24/7 operation. I think the "surveillance" drives are 
slower than the "NAS" ones.

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