Not mounting a zpool at boot

Erwan David erwan at
Tue Jan 24 17:34:49 UTC 2017

Le 01/24/2017 à 14:55, Fabian Keil a écrit :
> Erwan David <erwan at> wrote:
>> I have a machine (11-RELEASE) with 2 pools, one encrypted with the
>> system and one encrypted with data. I want to boot without having to
>> enter passphrase then ssh to the machine to import the encrypted pool.
>> I put geli_devices="" in /etc/rc.conf in order to prevent the passphrase
>> question, but to no avail, system still asks it. How can I boot without
>> importing the encrypted pool, nor giving the passphrase (US keyboard is
>> unsuitable for this).
> Sounds like you have at least one of the boot-related flags set,
> you can remove them with "geli configure -G -B ..".
> Check the man page for details.
> Fabian

Thanks, it was indeed the problem. Everything is now working as intended.

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