Not mounting a zpool at boot

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Tue Jan 24 13:02:13 UTC 2017

On 2017-01-24 12:19 am, Erwan David wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 23, 2017 at 10:49:14PM CET, "Dean E. Weimer"
> <dweimer at> said:
>> On 2017-01-23 3:23 pm, Erwan David wrote:
>> >Le 01/23/2017 à 22:20, Erwan David a écrit :
>> >>Hi,
>> >>
>> >>I have a machine (11-RELEASE) with 2 pools, one encrypted with the
>> >
>> >                                                  UNencrypted
>> >
>> >>system and one encrypted with data. I want to boot without having to
>> >>enter passphrase then ssh to the machine to import the encrypted pool.
>> >>
>> >>I put geli_devices="" in /etc/rc.conf in order to prevent the passphrase
>> >>question, but to no avail, system still asks it. How can I boot without
>> >>importing the encrypted pool, nor giving the passphrase (US keyboard is
>> >>unsuitable for this).
>> >>
>> Do you have geom_eli_load="YES" set in your /boot/loader.conf? If you 
>> don't
>> want to load the GELI volumes I think you can simply remove that. Once 
>> you
>> login and issue the geli attach command it should auto load the kernel
>> modules. I have a SATA drive in a hot swapable bay encrypted with GELI 
>> for
>> my backups. I have no problems with the system booting and not 
>> prompting for
>> password. Then once its booted I login and attach the geli volume so 
>> that
>> backups can run.
>> Without the GELI modules loaded at boot time it shouldn't be able to
>> determine that there are encrypted volumes and just ignore them at 
>> boot
>> time.
> Yes I load the geli module, but need it for the gmirror+geli swap...

I guess you could always manually attach the Swap as well with swapon 
command after boot as well as mount the data volume. Other than that you 
maybe out of luck unless someone else has an idea

    Dean E. Weimer

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