bhyve centos7

Eric Melville emelville at
Tue Jan 24 09:48:51 UTC 2017

I am trying to run Centos7 under bhyve. Centos6 works great. Centos7 gets problematic because of XFS.

Since grub2-bhyve does not understand XFS, and for some bizarre reason Centos has no ability to change partitioning or file system types in the textual installer, I took more drastic measures. One of which was to boot the Centos7 installer via Virtual Box and set up a VMDK with ext4, then pull that VMDK and convert it ro raw with qemu-img. At least I was able to get a kernel loaded and booting, but then it failed to mount the root file system no matter what options I specified.

Has anyone else gotten further?

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