handbook chapter 14. Jails is out of date

Ernie Luzar luzar722 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 04:03:36 UTC 2017

Was reading the handbook chapter 14 about jails. Found it very strange 
that it's based on the legacy rc.conf method. When you start a jail 
using that method a warning message is given saying the statements are 
being converted to jail.conf statements and that the user should migrate 
their jail definitions to the jail.conf format. I believe this happened 
with RELEASE 10.0. Here RELEASE 11.0 is out and all releases older than 
10.3 are at "end of life" and still the handbook has not been updated to 
document the current jail.conf method. The rc.conf method is depreciated 
and may soon be up for removal from the base system. Enough time has 
elapsed already for user conversions that the rc.conf method documented 
in the handbook can be removed and replaced with jail.conf documentation 
without concern for backwards capability.

Omitted from the jail chapter is information about how to drive public 
traffic to the desired target jail.

The section on ezjail is inappropriate in the handbook. It's not proper 
to give a port utility such lengthly coverage. All that information 
should be covered in the ezjail man page manual or it's website. The 
ezjail section should be removed from the handbook.

Listing ezjail as a utility for jail administration is ok only if the 
other jail utilities are also included in the listing. Can not be 
showing such personal bias in the public manual.

I hope someone will work on this to make it happen.

Ya I know, patches are welcome.

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