NFS: "bad exports list line /home/alnis"

Alnis Morics alnis.moritz at
Sun Jan 15 15:51:48 UTC 2017


I'm trying to set up a very basic NFS share on 11.0-RELEASE-p7 but I 
can't get beyond the error message "bad exports list line /home/alnis".

My /etc/exports file only has one line:

showmount -e
Exports list on localhost:
<nothing follows>


I tried to change syntax of the exports file (putting the whole subnet 
instead of one address, putting hostnames instead of addresses and 
adding them to /etc/hosts, putting flags, such as -rw or -ro 
-maproot=nobody before those hostnames); also tried to share a separate 
filesystem, but nothing helped. So very basic configuration, and still 
doesn't work. Any ideas?


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