ramifications of tweaks to subject line

Karl Young karly at kipshouse.org
Thu Jan 12 19:01:30 UTC 2017

It depends on the MUA.  I use Mutt, which uses the In-Reply-To header
for threading, so changing the subject doesn't affect threading.  

I'm fairly certain that	not all MUAs use this header, or even insert it.

RFC2822 says:

    in-reply-to  SHOULD occur in some replies - see 3.6.4

    references   SHOULD occur in some replies - see 3.6.4


Gary Aitken(freebsd at dreamchaser.org)@2017.01.12 11:51:19 -0700:
> Can someone summarize the ramifications of tweaking the subject line 
> in a post?
> Assume:
>   Some-original-subject
> Normal reply yields:
>   Re: Some-original-subject
> If a reply is made and the subject line is (mistake, whatever) trashed,
> then manually re-inserted, does
>   re: Some-original-subject
> (change in case of Re) preserve threading?
> Does change in case of words in subject line preserve threading?
> More generally, what permutations of the original text still preserve
> threading -- addition/deletion of various kinds of white-space, etc.
> Is threading solely in the domain of the mail reader, or is there 
> something in the header besides the text of the header itself that
> aids threading?
> If a subject digresses and one changes the subject line to
>   Re: New-subject (was: Some-original-subject)
> is threading preserved?
> Thanks,
> Gary
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