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Wed Jan 11 12:04:32 UTC 2017

On 01/11/17 15:56, freebsd-questions-request at wrote:
> I have purchased the FreeBSD installation DVD from FreeBSD Mall. ?I am installing on a newer AMD 64 system.
> I have had no issue with getting FreeBSD UNIX up and running on this machine. ?However, when I try to use either
> pkg install xorg
> or I try to make the port of most anything (like, for example, emacs), the install always fails.
> The fail when attempting to use pkg install happens when pkg install tries to update the catalogue, where it says there is no address record. ?Then it says a pkg update is required. Doing a pkg update seems to do nothing and the install fails in all events.
> Trying to install anything using a make install clean in the port directory appears to die when it can't find pkgconf and, again, says there is no address record.
> What am I doing wrong here? ?I have what appears to be a happily working FreeBSD UNIX that talks to the Internet just fine and does all the basic things it's supposed to do. ?I want to get X11 and KDE running on this system. ?I finally got a port from? to compile and install, but I have not been able to install X or anything else (like emacs or pkgconf).
> Any wisdom about this, please?


As Gary already said, this should be something related to incorrect DNS 
settings. To confirm, do the following :


If 1st command works and the 2nd does not, it confirms bad DNS. You can 
then set things right with :

bsdconfig networking

If you do not have your own DNS settings, use OpenDNS - that is what I 
use myself. DNS1 =; DNS2 =

Manish Jain

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