help with mixer settings

Heikki Lindholm holindho at
Wed Jan 11 11:44:46 UTC 2017

11.1.2017 12.19, Anton Shterenlikht kirjoitti:
> Hi
> My skype4 sound quality is quite bad.
> (Yes I know about jitsi.
> It used to work great, but for a couple of
> weeks I cannot see or hear and cannot be heard or seen).
> I wonder if part of the issue is to do with my
> mixer settings:
> Mixer vol      is currently set to  80:80
> Mixer pcm      is currently set to 100:100
> Mixer speaker  is currently set to  74:74
> Mixer rec      is currently set to  37:37
> Mixer igain    is currently set to   0:0
> Mixer ogain    is currently set to 100:100
> Mixer monitor  is currently set to  67:67
> Recording source: monitor
> mixer(8) man page doesn't really explain
> what each setting refers to.

Older skype has been really sketchy after the MS acquisition and after 
they started modifying the network. I don't see how mixer settings could 
affect sound quality other than too much gain -> distortion. Ever heard 
of other alternatives like Tox or Ring? Both better technologies imho 
than the ones mentioned. In freebsd you can at least pkg install utox. 
Not sure if Ring ( is available.

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