jails & network/firewall setup

Ernie Luzar luzar722 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 05:01:54 UTC 2017

Hello List,

Finally got myself a static IP address added to the dynamic IP address 
already assigned by my ISP. Both have their own unique domain names 
pointing to them and going to the same MAC address modem. Yes I run 
ddclient to insure the dynamic IP address and it's domain name are keep 
in sync. When I do a ifconfig command I see the NIC facing the public 
internet has those 2 IP address listed.

If I assign the static IP address to a jail, will all traffic travailing 
on that IP address be seen only by that jail without any firewall NAT 
forwarding rules being used? IE: assuming there are no firewall rules 
blocking traffic on that IP address.

Lets state it a different way. Does all traffic targeted for a jail need 
to have firewall NAT rules by IP address and port number to forward just 
the desired port number traffic to that jail?

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