Questions about local ipv6 setup

Ernie Luzar luzar722 at
Thu Feb 16 16:28:41 UTC 2017

Running 11.0 and playing with ipv6 addresses in a vnet jail. I am new to 
ipv6 so everything is a learning experience for me.

Does ipv6 have a range of non-public routeable ipv4 address that are 
reserved for LAN use like is for ipv4?

Do any of the 3 freebsd firewalls have ability to do ipv6 NAT?

Can the default dhcp client handle ipv6?

On my host I run ipfilter firewall, I have done nothing to enable ipv6, 
but the daily security email shows a list of ipv6 denied packets. Does 
this mean that ipv6 packets are flowing freely on the public internet?

My current goal is to configure ipv6 to work only between my gateway and 
LAN nodes. Have been unable to find example on how to accomplish this. 
Can anyone point me to such documentation.

Thanks in advance.

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