Status of bhyve

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Wed Feb 15 18:41:26 UTC 2017


I've been searching the web for a while, but the info I got is sparse 
(many howtos, little on the big picture) and it's not always clear what 
is current and what is outdated.

I might be in need to permanently run a Windows 64b VM (with SQL server) 
on a new FreeBSD box, so...

What's the current status of bhyve?
I mean, it is it production ready (meaning no critical feature is 
missing and I can count on this VM to behave properly nearly as much as 
the host)?
Any difference between 10.3 and 11.0? (I got the idea the former will be 
supported for longer and I'd have to upgrade my poudriere in order to 
install the latter).

How well does it run Windows?
Would I better run W7 instead of W10 (or the other way round)?
What's the maximum amount of RAM I can dedicate to a VM?

How does it compare to VirtualBox wrt to stability and performance?
(I know I can find benchmarks, but, again, it's hard to tell whether 
they can be trusted or considered current).

Should I use a dedicated disk (or disk mirror) for better speed?
Or should I use a dedicated partition on the host's disk/disk mirror?
Will a ZFS volume perform as good as a partition?

Any caveat or hint?

  bye & Thanks

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