Serial port ttyS0

scrat baho-utot at
Mon Feb 13 22:16:15 UTC 2017

On 02/13/17 16:29, Kristof Provost wrote:
> On 13 Feb 2017, at 19:04, scrat wrote:
>> root at desktop:~ # sysctl dev.uplcom
>> dev.uplcom.0.ttyports: 1
>> dev.uplcom.0.ttyname: U0
> Based on this I’d expect /dev/ttyU0 to exist, and to be the device you want.
> Regards,
> Kristof

Here is /dev

$ ls /dev
acpi            ada4p3          da1             fuse            mdctl 
        pass7           ttyv1           ugen6.1
ada0            apm             da2             geom.ctl        mem 
        pass8           ttyv2           ugen7.1
ada0s1          apmctl          da3             gpt             midistat 
        pass9           ttyv3           ugen7.2
ada0s2          atkbd0          devctl          iic0            mixer0 
        pci             ttyv4           ugen8.1
ada1            audit           devctl2         iic1            mixer1 
        pts             ttyv5           ugen8.2
ada1p1          auditpipe       devstat         iic2            mixer2 
        random          ttyv6           ukbd0
ada1p2          bpf             dri             iic3            mixer3 
        reroot          ttyv7           ums0
ada1p3          bpf0            dsp0.0          iic4            mixer4 
        sndstat         ttyv8           urandom
ada2            cd0             dsp0.1          iic5            netmap 
        stderr          ttyv9           usb
ada2p1          console         dsp1.0          iic6            nfslock 
        stdin           ttyva           usbctl
ada2p2          consolectl      dsp1.1          iic7            ntfs 
        stdout          ttyvb           xpt0
ada2p3          ctty            dsp1.2          io              null 
        sysmouse        ufssuspend      zero
ada3            cuaU0           dsp2.0          kbd0            pass0 
        ttyU0           ugen0.1         zfs
ada3p1          cuaU0.init      dsp3.0          kbd1            pass1 
        ttyU0.init      ugen1.1
ada3p2          cuaU0.lock      dsp4.0          kbd2            pass2 
        ttyU0.lock      ugen1.2
ada3p3          cuau0           fb0             kbdmux0         pass3 
        ttyu0           ugen2.1
ada4            cuau0.init      fd              klog            pass4 
        ttyu0.init      ugen3.1
ada4p1          cuau0.lock      fido            kmem            pass5 
        ttyu0.lock      ugen4.1
ada4p2          da0             full            log             pass6 
        ttyv0           ugen5.1

/dev/ttyU0 is there but doesn't work.

I found this thru farther research

cu -l /dev/cuaU0 -s 115200

That works but

screen /dev/cuaU0 115200

doesn't,  can't figure that out.  At lease I have something now as the 
cu command works.

Thanks for the help

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