wireshark issue

Jon Radel jon at radel.com
Mon Feb 13 04:26:22 UTC 2017

>> Somebody already answered the first time you asked this question.  Why
>> ask again?
> I didn't.  The first time I wrote it, it never posted, but a
> different post did. so I resent it.  At which point, they
> BOTH appeared. Dude, ...why so hostile? It's a whole lot simpler than
> that.  Maybe a glitch in my email program.  Thinking about posting
> about it.

Hostile?   Not particularly; if you think I'm being hostile you've led a
sheltered life.  Mildly annoyed at very worst.  However, I find it
somewhat hard to take seriously somebody who says things like

"I didn't [ask the question again]" followed immediately by
"so I resent it."

and unfortunately that tends to leak out in my writing.  Terrible of me,
I know.

To add at least a little value to this:  What quite probably happened is
that your first attempt, which was delayed just over an hour between the
last SMTP server on your side and the first SMTP server at FreeBSD.org
side, ran into the greylisting.  I've never done rigorous experiments to
derive what values they are using, but I've noticed noticeable delays on
the first e-mail I've sent to the list in "a while," where I don't
really have any idea what "a while" actually is.  Your first attempt at
the question appears to have been your first mail to the list this year,
and it actually arrived here after your mail of 13 minutes later subject
Re: Major info breach.  Despite that, Polytropon had already responded
to you more than 2 hours before you resent your question.

I suggest next time you put more effort into asking your question to
make it quite clear that you're not meaning to ask about why ssh
scanning from China shows up when you use wireshark on an Internet
facing interface, but rather indicate that you have some reason to think
that your copy of wireshark might be subverted.  Lazy questions combined
with being a delicate flower surely must lead to much unhappiness.

--Jon Radel
jon at radel.com

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