wireshark issue

sixto areizaga thenewcq at optimum.net
Sun Feb 12 17:38:02 UTC 2017

I cut all the answers short, hoping that you read to the bottom. 

> On 2/9/17 5:44 PM, sixto areizaga wrote:
> > Has anyone experienced something similar or have any info about the
> > following using wireshark...
> > 
	< SNIP>
> > 
> > anyone have a similar problem?   

On Thu, 09 Feb 2017 18:22:23 -0500
Jon Radel <jon at radel.com> wrote:

> Somebody already answered the first time you asked this question.  Why
> ask again?

I didn't.  The first time I wrote it, it never posted, but a
different post did. so I resent it.  At which point, they
BOTH appeared. Dude, ...why so hostile? It's a whole lot simpler than
that.  Maybe a glitch in my email program.  Thinking about posting
about it.

> Yes, there are people out on the Internet who constantly scan ipv4
	< SNIP >
> at large--

This is obvious - I am actually looking for an exploit. The thing
 I need to do is rule out wireshark. 

> just look at the log of failed connection attempts or fire
> up a copy of wireshark.

I dont understand?  We WERE talking about wireshark?!?

> If you don't like it, block the traffic using a firewall.  You can
	<SNIP >

I just blocked it altogether.  And no I dont like it.

> Really, the only part of your question that *I* find remotely
> interesting is how you determined that the client is actually a copy
> of putty running on a mobile device, or at least looks like it is?

Two things I found interesting.  The first is that you suggested I use
wireshark.  When Wireshark was what informed me it was putty.  Which is
starting to look like ....the second thing I found interesting, Why so

Wireshark gave me an IP and that the connection was from putty, 
Whois and google told me that its a mobile communications
nmap gave me: Ports open include some windows ports...

conclusion:  A port scaning script running off some windows laptop or
tablet, exploiting putty. on a network which seems to come from China.

[China] which means ....Some one in my neighborhood is passing around
hacking software to the "kiddies"  ...again. YES, a pattern on my
network.  (and with *my* neighbors)

Pease, keep all that hostility to yourself!

As far as what you typed above about ...putty being interesting,
 I thought you were actually gonna give me more insite on my issue?!?

> Somebody already answered the first time you asked this question. 

Honestly? ....look I am  deleting what I originally wrote for the
response, the world has enough negativity in it already, I aint gonna
add to it.

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