Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at twc.com
Fri Feb 10 08:50:15 UTC 2017

> On Jan 6, 2017, at 04:00, Thomas Mueller <mueller6722 at twc.com> wrote:
> from John Swierk:
>> I am sending you this message via Apple concerning missing files for my Mac Pro in system boot.
> Are you trying to boot FreeBSD or Mac OS?
> If MacOS, this is the wrong emailing list.
> If FreeBSD, you need to give more detail as to what is missing.
> Tom

John Swierk responded:

> What is free BSD?

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You sent the original post to freebsd-questions at freebsd.org emailing list.

Was that by mistake?

FreeBSD is a quasi-Unix operating system. You can find more at


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