Major info breech

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Thu Feb 9 20:05:14 UTC 2017

On Thu, 09 Feb 2017 11:41:34 +0000
Stephanie Mellor <maddoxandmaggie at> wrote:

> Hi please can you tell me how to stop someone from changing their
> standard log in on my windows 8 and make big changes to my computer
> even though I'm the only administration of the computer?
> Basically my bf has changed all my setting and he has special
> privileges to all my files and from what I can c he has put a lot of
> my info/files on to a USB.
> He can probably read what I'm writing in this email.
> Please can you help
> Many thanks
> Stephanie


This is a BSD mailing list.  However, if I remember
8 was not as awesome as everyone thought, but either way...

#1. sign on as administrator
#2. [if applicable] Delete all OTHER administrator accounts

If this doesn't work....
back up your personal stuff, reinstall windows 8, and good luck with
that one, but it will remove all user accounts, create a different
passsword for you admin account.

I suggest a little revenge first (i.e. fake pic and/or email or doc
making him think you were seeing someone else [preferably in law
enforcement] for the past year, and your new BF is letting him hack your
system know be

anyway hope this helps and remember this is a UNIX place not a win-blows
mailing group

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