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El día Wednesday, February 08, 2017 a las 10:40:22PM +0000, Matthew Seaman escribió:

> On 08/02/2017 19:32, Matthias Apitz wrote:
> > It will be the 1st time I install ZFS and will just follow our Wiki for
> > this: 
> > Or are there any other hints to tweak it for poudriere?
> Don't do that -- the information in the Wiki is a bit outdated now.
> Instead, just use the installer to setup a ZFS system for you.  This
> will build you a system set up for use with boot environments etc. etc.

To install CURRENT on my hardware (netbook, laptop, ...) I use normally
my own USB stick, created with, boot from it and
do the partitioning with 'bsdinstall', but interrupt this when it goes
to install. Then I mount the new (empty) partition to /mnt and do the
installation with:

# mount /dev/ada0p2 /mnt
# make installworld  DESTDIR=/mnt
# make installkernel DESTDIR=/mnt
# make distrib-dirs  DESTDIR=/mnt
# make distribution  DESTDIR=/mnt

Is this as well possible for ZFS? And how can I use both disks ad0 and
ad1, both with ZFS, but not used as 'mirror'?



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