BSDStats: Minor fix for bug in v6.0

Marc Fournier scrappy at
Tue Feb 7 23:49:13 UTC 2017

Hi …

Recently, we were advised of a small (code wise) bug in BSDStats 6.0 that had a large effect.   Somehow, a ${CR} was removed from the generated string used to POST data to the server for reporting ports, resulting in that section of the code not reporting properly.  

As I’m not sure if any of the other *BSD systems are using that feature, not sure how broad of an impact outside fo the FreeBSD community this has, but, just in case, this bug is now fixed, and new versions are available both on the web site, as well as committed to FreeBSD Ports.

For those with BSDStats already installed, please take the time to upgrade so that all reports are working properly.  For those who don’t have it installed … install it?


If you have never heard of it, BSDStats <> is a sampling of users of the given BSD operating systems that opted to install a data collection program. It is not representative in any way of the total population of users/installations of the given BSD operating systems.

For those security minded (all of us?), this is a completely Anonymous Collector.  When you run it the first time, a KEY/TOKEN pair is generated between the client and the server, and stored in /var/db/bsdstats … that pair is used in all communications, and works perfectly well through PROXY servers, as we DO NOT store / use your hostname or IP at any point.

To update your script, please go to our Instructions Page <> … a Package for FreeBSD is available there (the port in /usr/ports/sysutils/bsdstats is scheduled to be updated over the next week or so) … for NetBSD/OpenBSD users, we have a Bash version that is available … its the same code as the FreeBSD version, but due to an issue with the standard shell, bash is required. 

NetBSD / OpenBSD are the only non-FreeBSD systems we’ve been able to get confirmed so far … if someone can confirm BASH vs non-BASH versions on their OS and let me know, I can update the site.

Also, any bugs with the web site, please let me know and we’ll see about getting it fixed.

And, of course, any questions, please feel free to email me.

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