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Kylie Glover gloverkylie16 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 22:43:48 UTC 2017

Hi ,

My name is Kylie. I'm an Australian freelance writer and would like to
write a guest post for Freebsd.org.

Would you like me to send an original free article for exclusive
publication on Freebsd.org? Listed below are a few article ideas for

   - All you Need to Know about Equity Dilution In Startups
   - Should I Pay a VC to Pitch my Startup Idea?
   - Is getting a bank business loan worth the hassle?
   - Top 5 Biggest Crowdfunding Blunders

Let me know if this is something you would enjoy or if you would prefer it
if I write on another topic for you, I look forward to hearing from you

Kind Regards,

*Kylie Glover*
*0404 173 707*

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