atrun utility

Jim Pazarena fquest at
Fri Feb 3 01:21:30 UTC 2017

I cannot understand why my batch jobs do not run promptly.

For example I have a system load showing as:

root@:/etc # w
  5:04PM  up 87 days,  3:15, 1 user, load averages: 1.14, 1.17, 1.12

So ~ 1.2
I have /etc/crontab with:
#minute hour    mday    month   wday    who     command
*       *       *       *       *       root    /usr/libexec/atrun -l 4.5

So you would think that my batch jobs would trigger, one every minute. 
But they do not.
Eventually they run, but I cannot figure out for rhyme or reason what 
gets them running any more
than I can figure out why they do not.

Any clues would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Pazarena         fquest at

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