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Wed Feb 1 23:13:38 UTC 2017

On Wed, 1 Feb 2017 16:49:36 -0500, James B. Byrne wrote:
> On Wed, February 1, 2017 16:32, Polytropon wrote:
> > On Wed, 1 Feb 2017 15:56:03 -0500, James B. Byrne wrote:
> >> Enumerating bash-static along with postfix, sudo, tmux, tree, vim,
> >> etc., that we require for FreeBSD is quite natural and poses no
> >> particular difficulty.
> >
> > That's right. Oh, and add the Midnight Commander to that list.. :-)
> >
> Is that mucommander or wcmcommander? I do not recall having used either.

It's really called Midnight Commander (mc), it comes with
a versatile editor and makes a Norton Commander user feel
at home. The two panel layout is ideal for source-target
operations (copying and moving files). You'll find the
port as misc/mc; from its pkg-descr file:

GNU Midnight Commander is a user-friendly yet powerful file manager
and visual shell, useful to novice and guru alike. It provides a
clear, user-friendly, and somewhat protected interface to a Unix
system while making many frequent file operations more efficient and
preserving the full power of the command prompt. You will wonder how
you could ever live without it.


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