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> On Sun, 17 Dec 2017 11:24:28 +0800
> Erich Dollansky wrote:
> > I write this on a machine running FreeBSD 10 with a FireCuda 2TB
> > drive, but the 2.5" version. The drive works but its behaviour was
> > not what I expected.
> > 
> > The SSD part is too small from my point of view. The drive is really
> > fast when working on a project for which all fits into the 8GB SSD
> > memory my drive has. It becomes a totally different story when
> > compiling the kernel or installing large ports  
> My understanding is they weren't intended to work like that. The last
> I heard was that the SSD was divided into two, one part specifically
> speeds up booting, and the other part caches sectors where the head
> had to seek to access a small amount of data.

how should a hard disk work? Data is written, data is read.

How should this SSHD know where by boot-related data is stored? Why
should this disk waste SSD memory for data I need with FreeBSD very

It does not seem to me that it is like this. It is more likely that it
uses the 8GB as a write cache. It is very fast before 8GB transfer
volume is reached. If I copy a lot, the write speed goes down to 15MB/s
and less.


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