New packaging approach

Baho Utot baho-utot at
Sun Dec 10 12:36:36 UTC 2017

On 12/10/2017 12:33 AM, DTD wrote:
> On Sat, 9 Dec 2017, Polytropon wrote:
>> However, I am not sure how the new packaging approach will handle 
>> this. As you might have read, pkg will be used for installing and 
>> upgrading OS files in the future, so there will not be the big 
>> difference "freebsd-update" and "pkg update" / "pkg upgrade".
> Where can I read about this? If this leads to dependency issues 
> similar to those encountered with desktops, my reaction is more of 'oh 
> s--t' rather then 'oh boy'. Back to the days when the odd or even 
> versions numbers were for those of us (read me) who do not track 
> Stable for similar reasons.

The way the packaging of base is currently being done will*guarantee a 
great level of OH SHIT.
* <>

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