Error Message at end of boot

Doug Hardie bc979 at
Thu Dec 7 03:18:21 UTC 2017

I have one system  (11.1 generic installed via freebsd-update) that gives the message:

Dec  6 18:31:24 Backup kernel: FAILED

as the last message at the end of the boot process.  Messages from ports starting all precede it.  Digging through the kernel source, the only places I find such a message are:

./geom/raid/g_raid.c:		return ("FAILED");
./geom/raid/g_raid.c:		return ("FAILED");
./geom/raid/g_raid.c:		return ("FAILED");

This seems a bit odd as there is no raid hardware or software being used on this system.  The system completes the boot process, although it seems quite slow to do so, and then runs just fine.  I don't see any issues with the system.  Everything seems to work.  Any ideas how to figure out what is causing that error message?

-- Doug

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