Create list of ports to update

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Mon Dec 4 10:37:40 UTC 2017

On 03/12/2017 16:40, Carmel NY wrote:
> Reading up on "poudriere", it appears that I have to feed it a list of ports 
> that need to be updated. Unlike "synth" which can figure that out by itself, 
> it does seem counterproductive.
> My question, now that "portmaster" is apparently dead in the water, what is 
> the easiest way to construct a list of ports that need updating in the: 
> "port-category/port-name" format?

With poudriere, what you're doing is populating a repository.  You tell
poudriere what ports you want available, and it will build packages for
each of them, plus all their dependencies and then create a repository
from all those packages.  Then later on you can update by running
'poudriere bulk' and it will work out what has been updated since the
last time, and rebuild only those packages.

To create a list of packages to feed into poudriere, try:

  %  pkg query -e '%a == 0' %o

That gives you a list of all the packages you installed directly,
omitting anything installed just as a dependency.  All the dependencies
will be built automatically and available in your repo; not listing them
explicitly in the list passed to poudriere is a small optimization that
helps avoid some occasional errors when packages get removed or renamed.



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