Why pkg offers different versions of packages on two machines?

Rafal Lukawiecki raf at rafal.net
Thu Aug 31 16:56:45 UTC 2017

Apologies for another newbie question. Trying to get my head around package management.

If I run "pkg search certbot" using the official AWS FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE image it finds:

	py27-certbot-0.16.0_1,1        Let's Encrypt client

but if run the same search using my locally installed FreeBSD, which happens to be a slightly older, 11.0-STABLE, I find the newer (which also happens to be the current) version of that package:

	py27-certbot-0.17.0,1          Let's Encrypt client

In both cases pkg.conf and the repo config are the same, with all the settings at their unchanged by me defaults (url: "pkg+http://pkg.FreeBSD.org/${ABI}/quarterly”). Both versions of pkg itself are the same. As far as I can see, I am resolving to the same mirror in both cases, as I see the same IP ( when I ping pkg.freebsd.org.

When I manually navigate to http://pkg.freebsd.org/FreeBSD:11:amd64/quarterly/All/ I can see the older version of the package (py27-certbot-0.16.0_1,1) on the server. When I navigate to the latest tree (http://pkg.freebsd.org/FreeBSD:11:amd64/latest/All/) I can see the newer package in there.

Why does my locally installed pkg find the newer version if both configs point to the same, quarterly, repo URL?

Many thanks,
Rafal Lukawiecki
Data Scientist 
Project Botticelli Ltd

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