Does NFS client cache?

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Thu Aug 31 14:57:23 UTC 2017

Thank you, Frank. I will benchmark performance first in the hope that FreeBSD NFS client is somehow faster than what I have experienced with Linuxes. Otherwise the copy to local strategy makes a lot of sense. It’s just so much easier to think and manage with a caching system…

Good luck with AWS. And thank you, for helping me understand FreeBSD.

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> On 31 Aug 2017, at 15:35, Frank Leonhardt <frank2 at> wrote:
> Sometimes :-) NFS caching is a problem, especially when you consider the effects of fsync() and being POSIX compliant in this respect. If you cache a file, even R/O, then an fsync() operation on one host must invalidate the cache on ALL other hosts before returning. Strictly speaking. In practice there are a lot of kernel tuneables to ignore this (some undocumented IME). You can also comment out the code that deals with the fsync() requests.
> Best strategy depends on exactly what you're trying to do. I'd probably copy files to local storage as a cron job as an early option.
> (Thanks for the info on AWS)
> Regards, Frank.
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