STUMPED: Setting up OpenVPN server on FreeBSD (self.freebsd)

Ultima ultima1252 at
Mon Aug 28 03:40:45 UTC 2017

> Do you think I need to add those new dev statements to the client's
OpenVPN config as well?
No, those variables are per configuration specific.

Other than missing my last suggestion by not relying on
:network translation and the tcp to udp Edger mentioned
the configuration should work assuming the sysctl
net.inet.ip.forwarding is 1.

In other words pfctl.conf:
localnet =

> I don't see where you are assigning a network to
> the tun0 interface. But maybe that is handled by openvpn. Not sure though.

Yes, openvpn does handles this that is why the network should be
defined and not translated when possible for pf.

Are you only attempting to connect to sites in your browser? Can you try
pinging known ips on the internet? I usually do Basically from the
last post not sure if you can only connect to internet, or just dns issues.

Hope this helps,
Richard Gallamore

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