Create a truncated icosahedron with gnuplot or metapost

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Sun Aug 27 13:51:18 UTC 2017

Dear freebsd-users,

In looking for a way to draw a royalty free soccer ball with open source
software like gnuplot or metapost, I have found a promising page

I have to run the programs there, but the problem becomes how can we shade
the pentagons in black.  We can create a sphere in gnuplot, but to change
the faces into pentagons and hexagons?

I have found a nice page that uses java to draw a soccerball

If somehow the github code can be converted to metapost?, or generated to
get the points and then get the shading correctly.  I hope someone can
help.  I have also looked into metapost extensions by Anthony Phan m3D

And unfortunately I do not know enough of metapost coding, other than
copying examples and run them on my machines.  Is there a nice idiot proof
way of drawing a soccerball or a truncated icosahedron with gnuplot or
metapost?  If anyone can help/advice/suggest please share your thoughts.

Best Regards,


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