Cousulting about GNU GPL

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Mon Aug 21 06:32:04 UTC 2017

On 21/08/2017 06:47, 黄雪 wrote:

> We are going to summarize the list of open source license we are going to use.
> I've noticed that there are different kinds of BSD license, such as
> 2-clause BSD license, 3-clause BSD license and so on.
> So I have a concern about cost of the BSD license. Do we need to pay
> for it? And are these BSD license free (No cost)?
> Could you please give me feedback about the questions as above?

No, there is no requirement to pay for any of the products of the
FreeBSD project.  Those are mostly licensed under the 2-clause BSD
license, but some parts of the sources are licensed differently,
including 3-clause BSD, 4-clause BSD, GPLv2 and CDDL, and the ports
collection includes all sorts of software and all sorts of licenses,
including some with rather more restrictive terms.

If you have any further questions about FreeBSD licensing, please
contact the FreeBSD Foundation (info at as this is
one of their areas of responsibility.



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