How to block facebook access

John Levine johnl at
Sun Aug 20 18:48:23 UTC 2017

In article <5999955C.9030601 at> you write:
>What do you think about this method?
>Add entries into /etc/hosts file.
>    blacked
>    blacked
>    blacked
>    blacked

Seemn like a fairly ineffective way to block users across a LAN most
of whom are likely running Windows.  You need to block the names they
look up, not local lookups on the gateway.

I do agree that the best way to block Facebook is via the DNS cache on
your gateway, assuming that's how your LAN is set up.  Bind and
Unbound both have ways to add local overrides.  RPZ is one possibility
but for a short static list of names, there are easier ways.


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