Ascertain host serial number under UEFI

Rick Miller vmiller at
Thu Aug 17 20:55:55 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Tossed this question up on twitter, but it might get additional audience

How does one ascertain a host's serial number with FreeBSD sans
hint.smbios.0.mem (stable/10 or 11, for example) on a system in pure UEFI
mode?  hint.smbios.0.mem [ in -CURRENT ] stores the address of the smbios
table. dmidecode uses this as it's entry point to the smbios table where
the host's serial number can be found.

Variants of `dd if=/dev/mem ... | strings | grep ''` worked, but also
rebooted the hardware on occasion.  Not ideal.

Take care
Rick Miller

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