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On 17/08/2017 10:32, Anton Shterenlikht wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: FreeBSD CI?
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>> perhaps?
> Yes, I saw this.
> But it seems this server is for @freebsd people
> only to test FreeBSD builds.
> Can anybody get an account on this server to test
> arbitrary projects on FreeBSD?
> Probably not.
> What I was asked is whether there are any
> free FreeBSD servers running some CI, e.g. jenkins.
> I can probably install jenkins on my server
> and give access to the members of that sofware
> project, but this is not ideal.
> I think I'm looking for something like
> the now defunct, where I used
> to test my ports. Although there is no port
> yet for that project [1].
> Anton
> [1]

Unfortunately redports seems to have vanished entirely for the time
being.  There's some stuff on github, but the site seems to be gone --
looks like it was moved to Gandi but there's no content there.

Aside from that, as far as I know, no there is no open CI setup for
FreeBSD related things.  There is a campaign to get FreeBSD support
under Travis so it can be included in Github's integration, but
apparently there are some technical problems to do with running FreeBSD
docker instances on non-FreeBSD hosts.

If you are looking to test build ports for instance, you can do that
well enough with poudriere on a reasonably well spec'd desktop machine.
You can test both i386 and amd64 builds if your machine is an amd64 box,
and you can test build on older release versions than what you have
installed.  This is what most ports committers are using.

Of course, everything gets built on all of the supported architectures
at quite regular intervals, so you should get fairly prompt notification
of any architecture specific problems from there.



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