ZFS and free space

Dean E. Weimer dweimer at dweimer.net
Wed Aug 16 12:13:26 UTC 2017

On 2017-08-16 7:02 am, Johan Helsingius wrote:
> Marko,
>> What is the output of
>> $ zfs list -o name,mountpoint,mounted,used,refer,ratio,compress
> zroot               /zroot             yes  10.2T   140K  1.07x       
> lz4
> zroot/ROOT          none                no  3.01G   140K  2.61x       
> lz4
> zroot/ROOT/default  /                  yes  3.01G  3.01G  2.61x       
> lz4
> zroot/home          /home/storage      yes  5.98T  5.98T  1.06x       
> lz4
> zroot/tmp           /tmp               yes   163K   163K  1.01x       
> lz4
> zroot/usr           /usr                no  4.17T   140K  1.09x       
> lz4
> zroot/usr/home      /usr/home          yes  4.17T  4.17T  1.09x       
> lz4
> zroot/usr/ports     /usr/ports         yes  1.26G  1.26G  2.19x       
> lz4
> zroot/usr/src       /usr/src           yes   140K   140K  1.00x       
> lz4
> zroot/var           /var                no  1.43M   140K  4.82x       
> lz4
> zroot/var/audit     /var/audit         yes   140K   140K  1.00x       
> lz4
> zroot/var/crash     /var/crash         yes   140K   140K  1.05x       
> lz4
> zroot/var/log       /var/log           yes   767K   767K  5.61x       
> lz4
> zroot/var/mail      /var/mail          yes   140K   140K  1.00x       
> lz4
> zroot/var/tmp       /var/tmp           yes   140K   140K  1.00x       
> lz4
> So I guess it is zroot/usr (/usr) that isn't mounted for
> some reason but holds a bunch of stuff!
> 	Julf

zroot/usr contains the datasets under it even if not mounted, its used 
to pass inherited information to the data sets under it.

Its the symbolic link issue, they are hiding data.

you have two symbolic links mentioned earlier:

# file /home
/home: symbolic link to usr/home

# ls -id /usr/home/storage/ /home/storage
18 /home/storage        18 /usr/home/storage/

the zroot/home is mounted to /home/storage
and zroot/usr/home is mounted to /usr/home

There is something funny going on here, use:
du -shx /home/*

the -x will keep it from showing a different file system
If it still shows /usr/home/storage as 4.2T then the zroot/home data set 
has a hidden storage folder
If it changes size the zroot/usr/home dataset has a hidden storage 
folder that you are not seeing

    Dean E. Weimer

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